Summary of 3 Steps to Turn Everyday Get-Togethers into Transformative Gatherings

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3 Steps to Turn Everyday Get-Togethers into Transformative Gatherings summary
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As the polarization of opinions pulls people further apart, coming together matters more than ever. Conflict mediator Priya Parker researched different types of gatherings and pulled from her experience as a high-powered facilitator to ascertain how to create meaningful experiences rather than hosting yet another predictable get-together. What she learned forms the basis of the “new rules of gathering” – a human-centered approach that promotes connection at any type of get-together. Happily, Parker’s advice is just as applicable for the boardroom as it is for the dining room, and it can inject fresh vigor into your routine meetings. 

About the Speaker

Conflict mediator Priya Parker is the author of The Art of Gathering.



Everyday gatherings frequently fail to elicit meaningful connection.

When people who are engaged in intense conflict come together to have meaningful conversations, the results can be extraordinary. Participants leave the dialogues feeling invigorated. How can you inject the same kind of fire into everyday gatherings such as holiday dinners or birthday parties?

Most hosts attend to the finer details of the get-together – such as the food, drink and decorations – and hope that the attendees will benefit from each other’s company. However, gatherings that facilitate real human connection require more than delicious canapés. Three techniques can inject meaning into meetings and gatherings.

To host a transformative experience, first “embrace a specific disputable purpose.” 

When an expectant mother balked at the idea of a traditional baby shower replete...

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