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301 Ways to Have Fun at Work book summary
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Dave Hemsath and Leslie Yerkes present hundreds of methods and activities that incorporate fun into your organization’s work: hiring, training sessions, meetings, communications, awards, and team work. Dedicated to "fun-loving people everywhere," this happy, easy-to-read book is clear and cheerful. The authors humorously present their "Twelve-Step Method to Fun." They suggest that you use it by incorporating one step a month for a year. The information presented can be used as a "quick read" for corporate ideas, or as a reference book for training program organizers and for personnel or staff development programs. getAbstract recommends this book to CEOs or personnel directors looking for ways to boost company morale, or to staff members who want to make their work environment more pleasant.

About the Authors

Dave Hemsath is the founder and co-owner of Business Outreach Books in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1993, he started Business Outreach Books, the nation’s largest operator of on-site bookstores for associations, conferences, seminars, and expositions. Leslie Yerkes founded the Catalyst Consulting Group, Inc., which works to build healthy, lasting organizations. Leslie is a writer, speaker, teacher, and world traveler.



Add Fun to the Work Environment

When a company incorporates humor and fun into the daily working routine, it generates an improved quality of work, job enjoyment, and employee and customer satisfaction. If you are the CEO, you must begin with yourself if you want to inject fun into the culture of your company. Try planning for fun, making an effort to lighten up, and setting a tone of fun in the work environment. An atmosphere that fosters fun in the work place also produces a positive work energy, high self-esteem, and team spirit. A fun work atmosphere causes employees to want to work. Some suggestions given for creating an atmosphere of fun in the work place are:

  • Establish a shortened work week during slow times of the year. For example, close your offices at noon from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • Find a way to symbolize fun with a company mascot. For instance, one company has a toy gorilla named Gordy that "shows up" when a worker is having a bad day or is in some sort of stressful situation.
  • Have an office pet. One office has a pair of parakeets. Employees enjoy trying to get the parakeets to talk.
  • Establish tension and stress-breaking...

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