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How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

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How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

The New York Times,

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If you’re always tired, check out this guide on sleeping.

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People’s lives are filled with screens, stress and 24/7 stimulation. As a result, sleep problems are common: Four out of five people report having difficulties sleeping at least once a week. People’s exhaustion leads to workplace mistakes as well as hundreds of deaths each year in automobile accidents involving drowsy drivers. For some sufferers, the remedy is as simple as adopting a new routine, while others might require a medical solution. In this information-rich New York Times article, author Tara Parker-Pope reveals the secrets to sleeping well. getAbstract recommends reading this article when counting sheep isn’t enough.


Most people struggle with sleep problems, which can lead to poor health (both physical and mental), mistakes and accidents. Tiredness accounts for a vast number of workplace accidents and thousands of automobile accidents every year. On the other hand, research suggests that people who get enough rest live longer, are more patient and find it easier to lose weight. They might even have better sex lives. If you feel tired a lot, you’re probably not getting enough sleep. Learn about your own sleep habits by logging the hours you rest each night and how you feel...

About the Author

Tara Parker-Pope is a columnist for The New York Times, where she writes the Well blog. Her books include For Better: The Science of a Good Marriage and The Hormone Decision.

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