Summary of 4 Strategies That’ll Help You Get Through a Tough Conversation Without Backing Down

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4 Strategies That’ll Help You Get Through a Tough Conversation Without Backing Down summary
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You go into a meeting with your head high and a strong sense of what you want; then you shuffle out of the conference room, flustered and wondering why you backed down. To stand up for yourself in difficult conversations, you need to be confident, respect your own contributions to the company and creatively muster ways to solve problems without doing the legwork yourself. Confidence coach Steve Errey outlines core principles that will help you endure challenging conversations and succeed without sacrificing your principles. getAbstract recommends reading this article if you sometimes struggle to remain steadfast and bookmarking it so it’s accessible when you must prepare for your next difficult conversation.

About the Author

Steve Errey is a confidence coach who works with new senior executives to help them overcome self-doubt. 



Sometimes you go into an interaction at work determined to stick to your values, stand your ground and be convincing. Minutes later, you slink away, frustrated and ashamed that you caved. Remember four rules to help you stay confident and steadfast during difficult conversations:

  1. “Know your deal-breakers” – Whether your boss asks you to work on your child’s birthday weekend or blames you for a problem you didn’t cause, understanding the lines you can’t cross without eroding your core values...

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