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Finding & Keeping the Talent You Need


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Stop your talent churn by learning how to attract, develop and retain high-quality employees.

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Do you find yourself wondering what went wrong when employees you’ve spent valuable time developing quit unexpectedly? Management consultant Jim Bitterle offers practical tips to help you overcome outdated biases and structures to create “unquittable” organizations. In this hands-on guide, you’ll learn how to develop your company brand to attract, onboard and retain high-quality talent.


Build an attractive, positive work culture to recruit and retain high-quality talent.

If you’ve ever invested time onboarding a new hire, only to see them quit shortly after, it’s time to rethink your approach. Effective hiring and talent retention requires overcoming outmoded misconceptions about managing younger generations. Many older workers have remained loyal to the same company for years – even if the culture was toxic – believing themselves lucky to have stable work. They often feel millennials lack a strong work ethic, or see them as disloyal for quitting jobs that don’t align with their values. Leaders, managers and HR staff should learn to accommodate younger talent, who are, predominantly, searching for positive cultures in which they can thrive and be productive.

To attract employees who’ll align with your company’s values, intentionally construct a positive culture. Promote your brand using social media, community networks and your website. You display your brand in everything from whether you provide teams with free coffee and a beautiful...

About the Author

Jim Bitterle is a managing partner at the consulting firm, EDSI (Educational Data Systems, Inc.).

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