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Recruiting And Retention In Crisis

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Recruiting And Retention In Crisis

How Do We Build Trust, The Most Important Benefit Of All?

Josh Bersin,

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Companies need to earn the trust of employees, customers and stakeholders to stay viable.

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Trust in government and media are in sharp decline, increasing the responsibility of business to fill the vacuum. In this thought-provoking episode of his personal podcast, HR expert Josh Bersin envisions a future where businesses become more like institutions and employees more like citizens. How businesses live up to these increased expectations and responsibilities, Bersin posits, will determine their future success.


Today’s job seeker’s market incentivizes companies to offer better pay and benefits.

Companies today are struggling to find talent. The US economy is currently creating more jobs than it can fill. In response, HR leaders are looking for ways to keep current employees happy and attract competent new ones. Employers have increased benefits and vacation time, flexible work arrangements and wellness programs. Companies are also investing more in upskilling and career development – as well as raising salaries. People want to be paid a wage that allows them to live comfortably in their current locales – which means different things for different employees.

Companies’ responses, however, must align with employees’ expectations. Amazon, for example, has had difficulties incentivizing its ...

About the Podcast

Josh Bersin is a renowned industry analyst, author, adviser and educator focused on the topics of HR, leadership and workplace technology solutions. He founded Bersin by Deloitte. 

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