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45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy* book summary
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The coal mine canary was a low-tech but effective early warning device that miners used to detect dangerous poison gases in the mineshafts. Anita Bruzzese performs a similar warning function for the modern workplace. Since 1992, she has written about its various ills, as well as reporting on general workplace topics in her popular, insightful weekly column “On the Job.” To develop her book, Bruzzese culled through hundreds of letters she received from workers asking for advice about problems they encounter at work (many of which they create themselves). Bruzzese is a leading authority on all things office-related. getAbstract suggests that she can teach you a lot about what constitutes acceptable – and not so acceptable – workplace behavior. This book is ideal for any employee who wants to know what mistakes to avoid in order to stay in the boss’s good graces and to get ahead at work.

About the Author

Anita Bruzzese writes the “On the Job” column, which has eight million weekly readers. It is published by the Gannett News Service and appears in USA Today.



No One Is Irreplaceable

Within your organization, you are a precious asset. Your organization spent valuable resources to train you in its procedures, and to familiarize you with its various programs and activities. But do not think that you are irreplaceable. No employee is. You must always perform at your optimum level at work, and refrain from letting your personal behavior, attitudes or actions compromise your job security, or your chances for better pay and job advancement.

To these ends, work hard to please your boss. When they are on your side, you can move up the ladder quickly. When they are not, the only place you will move is out the door.

Here are 45 mistakes that would make any boss see red:

  1. “Treating the office like it’s your love shack” – Bonding with your co-workers is natural. However, avoid doing so in a romantic or sexual way. Forego office affairs. They complicate things and kill careers.
  2. “Punching the soda machine when you’re stressed out and ticked off” – To deflate stress, take desk breaks, eat lunch out and reconcile your personal issues.
  3. “Goofing off on...

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