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In Control at 50+

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In Control at 50+

How to Succeed in the New World of Work


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Facing an early retirement but still feel like you have a lot to give? Learn how to return to the workforce with confidence.

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Are you an older worker facing an early retirement or wanting to change careers? The office landscape has changed dramatically in the post-pandemic world, and new technology may seem overwhelming. Fellow baby boomer Kerry Hannon stands ready to lend you a hand. Her helpful guide teaches you how to repackage your skills to land a new job, change careers or even start a business. She details the challenges and rewards of being an older worker today and offers concrete examples of those who’ve found success.


Older employees face new challenges in the workforce.

When COVID-19 hit, older members of the workforce lost their jobs at a much higher rate than any other age group lost theirs. A New York Federal Reserve Bank statistic showed that one in four businesses that closed belonged to people over 45. Many older employees chose to retire earlier than expected; others found themselves laid off or pushed to accept early severance packages. With more young people entering the workforce and pioneering the remote office, it seemed those over 50 had lost their value.

Many hiring managers view older staff as incapable of handling new technologies and believe they will likely retire soon anyway. Those managers overlook or do not know that older workers outperform their younger counterparts. Moreover, older people’s long experience adapting to challenging circumstances has helped them handle the mental stress of the pandemic better than younger generations.

Given the rampant ageism present in the workplace, it’s important to highlight what you are good at and why your experience matters – because it does. According to several studies...

About the Author

Kerry Hannon is a workplace futurist and strategist. She is a senior columnist and on-air expert at Yahoo Finance.

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