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6 Steps to Break Through a Plateau in Your Career

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6 Steps to Break Through a Plateau in Your Career

Your Next Move Podcast

Kimberly Brown,

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If you’re feeling underwhelmed with your job, don’t wallow; follow these six steps to move past a career plateau.

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Are you stuck in a career plateau? If you’re feeling uninspired and bored at your job, it’s time to put some work into preparing your next step. Shake off the inertia, focus on the actions and mind-set you can control, and reconnect with your motivation to build your career. In this episode of Your Next Move Podcast, host Kimberly Brown encourages you to hold yourself accountable as you pursue a more fulfilling work life and provides actionable advice to help you shift your attention to the things that will move you forward professionally.


Pursue growth, make better connections and work toward your goals daily.

If you start watching the clock as soon as you get to work and the hours are crawling by, you’re probably stuck in a career plateau.

When you find yourself feeling unmotivated, become more intentional in your mind-set and actions:

  • Make a commitment to your own professional growth – You can’t always control your work tasks, or how your boss or co-workers behave; but you can control your own mind-set and growth. A plateau is a good time to work on your professional goals and development. Invest in education opportunities and experiences – including books classes, workshops or retreats – that could help you fill gaps in your skill set; this will get you ready to move to the next level.
  • Make connections that matter  Pursue “accelerated collisions”: networking opportunities that are tailored for an optimal exchange...

About the Speaker

Kimberly Brown is a career and leadership development expert and founder of Manifest Yourself.

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