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6 Social Commerce Trends You Absolutely Must Know

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6 Social Commerce Trends You Absolutely Must Know


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In the social media age, advertising is a dialogue between seller and consumer, not a one-way communication.

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Many people spend more time on social media platforms and chat apps than they spend watching TV and reading magazines. To reach consumers, advertisers need to take advantage of the fast-evolving new marketing tools that spring up on social media platforms all the time. Floship, a Hong Kong-based shipping services provider and e-commerce specialist, has summarized on its company website the six hottest social commerce trends for 2017. What these trends make clear is that advertising is no longer a one-way communication but a dialogue between seller and consumer. getAbstract recommends Floship’s post to advertising and marketing professionals eager to stay on top of this fast-evolving field.


To remain relevant, advertisers need to harness the many new marketing opportunities on social media platforms. Every year, these platforms offer new services and new ways to connect with your target group. Just maintaining a simple presence on social media won’t suffice any longer. Advertisers should take note of six trends in 2017:

  • “It’s all about those videos” – Take advantage of “shoppable ads” and live video streaming options offered on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. You can now demonstrate your products in real...

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Hong Kong–based Floship Limited provides international e-commerce fulfillment and shipping services. 

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