A Complete and Balanced Service Scorecard

Book A Complete and Balanced Service Scorecard

Creating Value Through Sustained Performance Improvement

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Manufacturers rely on the Six Sigma Business Scorecard, which author Praveen Gupta designed. To provide service companies with a similar tool, Gupta and co-author Rajesh K. Tyagi, a service operations expert, jointly developed the “Complete and Balanced Service Scorecard.” They explain how service companies can use this specialized assessment tool to measure and monitor performance, optimize the value of their operations and become stronger organizations. This valuable set of metrics enables service providers – whether for-profit or nonprofit – to assess their activities using a solid business perspective. The only flaws in this high-quality, highly applicable book are its dry presentation and aloof terminology; for instance, it refers to employees as “human assets,” not human beings. Still, Gupta and Tyagi expertly present sophisticated information that service firms can use to gauge and promote superior customer service and employee achievement. getAbstract recommends this top-notch book to service professionals and business process managers who want to ensure that their activities support their organizations’ strategic goals. So if you want to take names and keep score, start here.


A Measurement System for Service Firms

Manufacturers can choose among numerous systems for measuring performance, including the Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma Business Scorecard, Performance Prism and Performance Pyramid. Other viable manufacturing audit systems include the Deming framework and the European Quality Model. The options are far fewer on the service provider side, where the limited choices include the Service Model, the Service Profit Chain Model and the ServQual Model. While these are not comprehensive, the new “Complete and Balanced Service Scorecard” is a broader tool that service companies can use to help close this important gap in performance measurement.

The Service Scorecard system, a viable structure for modeling and predicting service performance, is based on the Six Sigma Business Scorecard, a combination of the Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma. The Service Scorecard is the ideal tool for service organizations, whether for-profit or nonprofit, to use to measure operational performance. It enables them to view their enterprises as holistic systems. The Service Scorecard will help service organizations improve performance, boost revenues and control...

About the Authors

Rajesh Kumar Tyagi, assistant professor of logistics and operations management at HEC Montreal, is the co-author of Six Sigma for Transactions and Service. Praveen Gupta, president of Accelper Consulting, developed the Six Sigma Business Scorecard.

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