A Failure of Imagination

A Failure of Imagination

With BCG’s Mickey McManus

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Modern executives often fall short in their vision for their firms and the future of their industries, says Mickey McManus, an expert in collaborative innovation and human-centered design. So how can company leaders aim higher? In this personable interview with Forbes columnist Peter High, McManus outlines several strategies. getAbstract recommends this talk to researchers, developers, designers and senior executives. 


Today’s company leaders often undershoot as they set a vision for their businesses and industries. Prediction is becoming commoditized, bringing the cost of predictions to zero. Thus, former infeasibilities – such as the autonomous car – are possible. Humans may think they are superior in their creativity, but computers are starting to show creativity, too. A form of AI called Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) searches the Internet for unrealized possibilities and innovates them. This development prompts the question of how to define humanity apart from computers. The answer may be human passion and common sense. People should optimize...

About the Speaker

Trillions author Mickey McManus is senior adviser at Boston Consulting Group.

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