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A Matter of Trust

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A Matter of Trust

Researchers are studying why many consumers are apprehensive about autonomous vehicles, and how to put them at ease.


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People have mixed feelings about self-driving cars. Research suggests how to increase public trust.

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When news articles report on self-driving cars, the public responds with unease and safety concerns. In an effort to address these concerns, researchers have conducted studies to figure out how to create more public trust. Author Matthew Hutson reports on new work that demonstrates how to facilitate consumer confidence in the future of self-driving vehicles. The relationship between car and passenger appears to play a crucial role in customer confidence. getAbstract recommends this article to those interested in technological trends and the future of transportation.


Currently, the public is uncertain about and even scared by autonomous vehicles.

Scientists have found that passengers’ lack of control over autonomous vehicles is a common worry. This is a concern that reaches beyond those who might actually use an autonomous vehicle. People also express concern about sharing the road with driverless vehicles. This information is a clear signal to companies in the field that they must educate consumers and address their concerns. Researchers have conducted studies to determine what aspects of an individual’s experience with a self-driving car...

About the Author

Matthew Hutson is a freelance writer for publications such as Wired, The New York Times Magazine and The Atlantic.

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