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A Weakening Global Expansion

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A Weakening Global Expansion

World Economic Outlook Update


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Global growth is slowing, as policy uncertainty, debt and trade disputes roil economies. 

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The world economy is growing at a slower pace, according to this timely IMF update. Chief among the detractors from growth are the prospect of worsening trade relations between China and the United States, which could severely dampen economic conditions, and a weaker-than-anticipated Chinese economy, whose effects could reverberate around the world. This analysis sets a sober tone for 2019, as the risks to economic progress continue to multiply. Executives and policy experts will find the IMF’s take on the global economy to be required reading.


The global economic expansion is losing steam due to a number of factors. Anxiety over trade barriers and China’s economic health is mounting. Floods and landslides in Japan, and stringent gasoline emission standards in Germany have affected those national economies. In countries other than the United States, the pace of manufacturing has waned. Since the end of 2018, advanced markets have been less buoyant, evidenced by reduced equity valuations, due to tightening financial conditions. Heightened trade tensions and worries of a government closure...

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The International Monetary Fund advises member nations on policy issues and works to promote economic stability and well-being.

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