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A Woman’s Guide to Salary Negotiation summary
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No matter the industry, women tend to make less money than men for the same work. Women also hesitate to ask for a raise. In this special guide for The New York Times, Kristin Wong dives into concrete ways women can ask for the salaries they deserve. The responsibility of fixing the gender pay gap shouldn’t fall on women’s shoulders alone. However, Wong’s piece offers solid advice to help professional women bolster their chances of earning more.

About the Author

Kristin Wong is a journalist and author. She wrote Get Money: Live the Life You Want, Not Just the Life You Can Afford.



Salary negotiations can be challenging for women. 

Many cultures have socialized women to be passive and modest, and many women downplay their accomplishments. Employers often frown on workers sharing information about salaries with others, making it harder for women to know if they receive fair compensation. All these factors make salary negotiations or asking for a raise harder for women.

Woman should acknowledge their value and teach themselves to take charge.

Author Barbara Stanny writes in Secrets of Six-Figure Women that women who earn less than they deserve share several traits...

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