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Accelerating Digital Innovation Inside and Out

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Accelerating Digital Innovation Inside and Out

Agile Teams, Ecosystems, and Ethics

MIT Sloan Management Review,

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What's inside?

Digitally mature organizations outdistance others in terms of innovation.

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This research-based white paper from MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte Digital delves deep into what digitally maturing organizations are doing differently from their less advanced competitors. The authors outline the challenges maturing enterprises face, ways they are meeting these challenges, and how any manager can implement similar practices to accelerate digital transformation in his or her own organization.


Innovation separates digitally maturing organizations from their less mature counterparts.

The gap between organizations that are advancing in digital transformation and those that lag behind is growing wider. How companies innovate and how much they innovate makes the difference. Innovation pervades digitally advanced enterprises. Four of five managers at digitally maturing companies consider innovation an organizational strength. Far from relegating innovation to a single department or lab, these companies nurture innovation as an aspect of their culture and devote adequate resources to support it.

Digitally advanced companies drive innovation through cross-functional teams. 

Internally, ...

About the Authors

Gerald C. Kane is the MIT Sloan Management Review guest editor for the Digital Business Initiative and a Boston College professor of information systems. Doug Palmer is a principal in the Digital Business and Strategy practice of Deloitte Digital. Anh Nguyen Phillips and Natasha Buckley are senior managers with Deloitte Services LP, and David Kiron is executive editor of MIT Sloan Management Review.

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