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Actress and salesperson Julie Hansen worked as a sales director for the National Enquirer and Star Magazine, and acted in HBO’s Sex and the City, on the New York stage, and in commercials. In this clever manual, she details the special steps actors take to win auditions and to perform well on stage or in front of the camera. She explains how salespeople can adapt these acting techniques to increase sales. getAbstract recommends this fun set of instructions to salespeople and actors willing to try new approaches, and to anyone who has to take the stage.

About the Author

Actor Julie Hansen, a former sales executive, owns the Acting for Sales consultancy. A columnist and frequent public speaker, she teaches acting at the University of Denver.



Actors Sell, Salespeople Act

Salespeople are like actors. They should prepare for sales calls as actors do for auditions. They must deliver compelling, convincing presentations in front of prospects as actors do in front of audiences. They must be sensitive to cues from their customers, just as actors must respond to cues from their fellow actors. Methods derived from acting – “the ultimate form of persuasion and engagement” – are more effective than traditional selling techniques, such as scripted presentations, “mirroring” and “neurolinguistic programming,” that prospects see right through.

“Act I: The Rehearsal”

People develop their first impression of you after only seven seconds, so actors work hard to make strong first impressions during casting calls. Salespeople have the same problem. If they don’t make a good first impression, prospects will tune them out. To win potential clients over upon your first meeting with them, try three acting techniques:

  1. Develop a commanding presence, communicate with impact, and engage people by creating a special experience for them, such as helping them envision the benefits of a purchase.

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    J. R. 3 years ago
    Love the concept of the moment before.... Interesting take on getting the right mindset
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    O. L. 4 years ago
    Concise and insightful
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    H. K. 4 years ago
    Very interesting.
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    D. G. 4 years ago
    Nice book, I recommend.
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    A. S. 7 years ago
    Really insightful theme and interesting ideas.
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    A. H. 9 years ago
    Excellent and very Insightful.
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    R. B. 9 years ago
    Looks good, I ordered the book
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    T. H. 9 years ago
    One of the best, most honest suggestions for improving sales performance!
    • Avatar
      Jana Harmon 9 years ago
      Thank you, Tim! The skills I learned as an actor were so helpful in my sales career I wanted to pass on to others. Glad you enjoyed.
      Julie Hansen
    • Avatar
      Tim Hastings 9 years ago
      Julie -

      Well, you are most welcome. I find it fascinating also to see authors sharing comments with the readers. Makes this a very genuine experience. Thank you and congratulations on the great book.

      Tim Hastings