Advancing Inclusion
A review of

Advancing Inclusion

A Guide to Effective Diversity Council and Employee Resource Group Membership

Employee Resource Groups

by David Meyer

Diversity expert Deborah L. Plummer guides you in developing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for advancing inclusion – and its attendant innovation and profit – at your firm.

Psychologist and diversity expert Deborah L. Plummer, PhD, writes that respect for differences amid the multiculturalism of the modern workplace creates an encouraging, positive environment while increasing innovation and productivity.

She created this guide for members of organizational diversity councils – or employee resource groups (ERGs) – to use in reviewing their efforts to build diversity and insure inclusion. Her exercises and suggestions can guide your firm’s efforts to establish and maintain diversity practices. Writing clearly and without dogma, Plummer offers a brief, handy overview that executives, managers and HR officers will find enlightening and easy to apply.

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