Yury Vetrov, the user experience (UX) leader at Russian digital company Mail.Ru Group, encourages designers to embrace new design tools rather than fear or dismiss them. Outlining the typical use of tools currently available on the market and surmising the potential use of tools not yet released, Vetrov’s realistic analysis about the value and challenges of AI in design and his optimistic perspective will intrigue all who are interested in design or the practical application of AI.


The notion that artificial intelligence (AI) will automatically replace designers is not only inaccurate, but it is the wrong approach to the concept. Using algorithms enhances the capabilities of the designer rather than replaces them; it is a partnership, not a competition. Designers should use AI-driven design to balance their workload. For example, feeding the Wix application some examples of high-quality websites – based on the client’s professional needs – provides template options. A designer could use Wix to create usable...

About the Author

Yury Vetrov works with designers to create digital products at Mail.Ru Group, one of Russia’s largest digital companies.

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