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Celebrating People, Inspiring Greatness

Show Appreciation

by David Meyer

Executives from the insight firm O.C. Tanner offer a solid guide for showing appreciation to your employees and colleagues.

Executives from O.C. Tanner – a research and insights firm – came together with an all-star team of authors, speakers and consultants to demonstrate how appreciation can be a positive force in the workplace. David Sturt wrote the bestseller Great Work. Todd Nordstrom hosts the Great Work Insights podcast. Kevin Ames is a frequent presenter and public speaker, and Gary Beckstrand consults with Fortune 100 companies. 

Everyone enjoys appreciation, yet, the authors maintain, many businesses fail to create cultures that prioritize this complex emotion. In this practical text, employee recognition experts Sturt, Nordstrom, Ames and Beckstrand teach business leaders how to recognize their team members’ efforts. Such recognition inspires loyalty and helps motivate employees to perform innovative, boundary-pushing work. The authors write in a clear, applicable style, and offer persuasive arguments for the value-building benefits of adopting a spirit of appreciation as part of your corporate culture.

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