Architect Your Company for Agility

Architect Your Company for Agility

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As agility becomes more crucial, so does business architecture – the design of an organization capable of continual change and rapid development and delivery. In a brief article for MIT Sloan Management Review, Jeanne Ross – the principal researcher at MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research – argues for agile architecture featuring empowered teams. Ross suggests mechanisms for aligning teams with organizational objectives and accommodating constant change.


To deliver integrated customer solutions quickly, leaders need to design their organizations for agility.

Only through business architecture can an organization synchronize the elements necessary to deliver integrated customer solutions. Architecture also enables companies to experiment – and implement what they learn – at speed. Hence, agile architecture makes it possible for the organization to deliver integrated solutions quickly. Even as leaders continue to pursue operational efficiency, they need to aim at agility in the business architecture as well.

An architecture that features empowered teams enables a company to achieve agility.

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About the Author

Jeanne Ross is principal research scientist for MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research.

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