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“Corporate treasurer” may not sound like the sexiest title, but in complex, chaotic times, corporate treasurers can be the heroes of their businesses. Treasurers deal with banks, taxation and supply chains, and they navigate a wide variety of risks. And they do this alongside geopolitical shifts, technological changes and, occasionally, wars. Euromoney experts explore the challenges and potential opportunities that moving cash in and out of risky countries presents in this thoughtful, lively podcast for financial professionals.

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Euromoney magazine covers the global capital markets.



In high-risk countries, simply moving money around can create a variety of problems.

In the advanced economies, people take for granted that international financial transactions will go smoothly. But for those who work in a high-risk country or in one that is subject to sanctions, even a simple transfer of funds can present difficulties. For example, in 2011, a British telecommunications company operating in a part of southern Sudan not subject to sanctions nonetheless had its money transfers frozen. 

Delays in such payments can be more than simply annoying; they can be paralyzing and...

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