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Be the Disruptor

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Be the Disruptor

Harvard's Master of Innovation Tutors a Nieman Fellow on How Media Can Succeed in the Internet Age

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Are traditional media organizations destined to disappear – or can they adapt and become disruptors?

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In this compelling article, Clayton M. Christensen of Harvard Business School, together with Nieman Fellow David Skok and Harvard graduate James Allworth, consider the possibilities for “disruptive innovation” in the news industry. In the course of their three-part analysis, they offer a wealth of practical examples and concrete suggestions for how news organizations can adapt and thrive in the modern media market. getAbstract recommends this handy primer to editors, journalists and everyone who works in the news media industry.


The traditional news industry is at a crossroads. New media organizations like Buzzfeed have disrupted the industry, attracting new audiences with personalized content and, ultimately, usurping traditional media’s place in the market. If legacy entities wish to survive in the face of this competition, they must innovate and adapt to the new landscape.

The first question news organizations need to consider is what “consumers want done” when they engage a news source – be it Twitter or The New York Times. Once...

About the Authors

Clayton M. Christensen is a professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. David Skok is managing editor of Global News. James Allworth contributes to Harvard Business Review.

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