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Internet organizer Eli Pariser pulls back the curtain on how the web serves up information. He describes the perils of a web that increasingly personalizes what you see according to your online behavior and click history. getAbstract recommends this talk to those in the technology field and to anyone who relies on the Internet for news and data.


When explaining the importance of the Facebook newsfeed to the press, company founder Mark Zuckerberg quipped that a squirrel dying in someone’s yard may be more relevant to that person’s interests than human tragedy in Africa. But consider the consequences of a web experience that reflects only what is relevant to you. For example, web organizer Eli Pariser is a progressive who enjoys friendships with conservatives and values hearing their ideas. One day he noticed that his conservative friends’ status updates had vanished from his Facebook newsfeed. Facebook had introduced an algorithm modifying feeds according to users’ link clicks. Because Pariser clicked more often on his liberal...

About the Speaker

Eli Pariser is the former executive director of MoveOn.org and author of The Filter Bubble.

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