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In a system of perfect social control, not only would the government and big business monitor your every action, thought and movement, but so would your neighbors, colleagues, friends and even family. In a society such as this, would you begin to police yourself? Would you become a better person? The Chinese government believes so and is implementing a system designed to do just that. Author Rachel Botsman outlines China’s Social Credit System, which will become mandatory for all Chinese citizens by 2020. getAbstract recommends this article to anyone concerned about how their data may someday become a form of behavioral control.


In 2014, the State Council of China released its proposal to give every Chinese citizen a score. The government claims the program, known as the Social Credit System (SCS), rewards socially desirable attitudes and behaviors. The aim is to create a culture of “sincerity” to reduce corruption. The Chinese government has licensed private companies to produce “social credit scores.” While officials won’t say exactly how they calculate scores, one company, Alibaba, says five factors have an influence: credit history, contract fulfillment, verification of personal information, behavior and relationships. Incentives...

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Rachel Botsmon is a writer and entrepreneur. She is the author of Who Can You Trust.

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