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Zero carbon emissions may seem a lofty goal. But to philanthropist Bill Gates, “energy miracles” are merely great challenges, not impossibilities. In this case, the miracles have a deadline and the consequences of failure are grim, especially for the world’s poor. Gates conveys a sense of urgency and delivers an impassioned call to action. getAbstract recommends this TED Talk for its methodical analyses and hopeful yet practical conclusions.


Energy and climate matter more to the world’s poorest two billion than to anyone else. Indeed, decreasing energy costs and eliminating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions would help relieve poverty. These emissions cause temperature increases, which lead to “rapid changes” in the weather and, indirectly, the collapse of natural ecosystems. Crops often fail and starvation ensues. The only way to prevent rising temperatures is to reduce global emissions “near to zero.” Shrinking them or even halving them isn’t enough.

Total CO2 emission is the product of four factors: the “number of people,” the services they each use...

About the Speaker

Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft and pioneered the creation of personal computers. He devotes most of his time to philanthropy through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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