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Bitcoin’s Guardian Angel

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Bitcoin’s Guardian Angel

Inside Coinbase Billionaire Brian Armstrong’s Plan To Make Crypto Safe For All


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Coinbase is vying to remake the global financial system.

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Coinbase serves as an exchange for investors and traders of digital currencies such as bitcoin. The firm provides users with the tools to conduct cryptocurrency transactions, but for co-founder Brian Armstrong, that is just the beginning of a greater aspiration to upend the global financial system. In this informative article, journalists Michael del Castillo and William Baldwin take a deep dive into Armstrong’s mind-set and ambitions for Coinbase. Financial professionals and blockchain enthusiasts will glean some important insights about this fintech’s disruptive plans.


Coinbase co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong believes that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are transforming the global economy.

Since Coinbase’s founding in 2012, the company has vaulted into the number-one spot among US cryptocurrency exchanges, with 35 million accounts and assets of $21 billion. Armstrong’s top priority for Coinbase and its accountholders is protection of the platform and stakeholders’ funds.The firm has thrived while other digital exchanges, notably Mt. Gox and QuadrigaCX, crashed after losing hundreds of millions of dollars to looters and thieves.

From the outset, Armstrong relished the...

About the Authors

Michael del Castillo and William Baldwin are financial writers at Forbes.

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