Bringing Machine Learning to the Masses

Article Bringing Machine Learning to the Masses

Scientists without coding skills adopt easy-to-use artificial intelligence software





Artificial intelligence has come out of the laboratory and gone into – other laboratories. Scientists are letting algorithms such as neural networks supplement their own wits. In a growing number of fields, such as physics and biology, AI helps them to make sense of data and develop new models. The many clear examples in this article in Science magazine, written by science journalist Matthew Hutson, may make you want to try this for yourself.


Artificial intelligence has become easy to use.

Computer scientists have created algorithms that can make sense of the world without needing detailed instructions. These are now available in the standard toolboxes that those scientists who don’t typically use AI can easily employ to detect patterns in data. In the computing system Mathematica, for instance, only a few simple commands suffice to call on AI’s unique ...

About the Author

Matthew Hutson is a science journalist. His book The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking was published in 2012.

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