Broadcasting Happiness

Broadcasting Happiness

The Science of Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change

BenBella, 2015




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The world offers plenty of bad news, but you needn’t wallow in negativity. Choosing to focus on the positive in your life and surroundings improves your work, health and emotional life. Former national TV newsperson Michelle Gielan describes spreading positive news as “broadcasting happiness.” She serves up interesting, accessible, if well-known content and sound, practical advice for dealing with negative people. getAbstract recommends this bright reminder of the importance of being optimistic and sharing optimism to managers who want to uplift their troops.


Positive Energy

Everyone has the power to be a positive or negative influence. The subjects you talk about – or “broadcast” – to your family, friends and co-workers affect their mood and their reactions to “stress, change and challenges.”

During the 2007-2008 recession, CBS News in New York produced a series called “Happy Week,” which aired uplifting stories during a challenging time. Positive feedback from viewers for that one-week experiment exceeded the total number of emails the station had received for the entire previous year. The viewers said the good news helped them understand that happiness is a conscious decision. Regardless of the context or situation, the stories people tell reveal whether they have an optimistic or pessimistic mind-set. Research indicates that positive interactions in the workplace significantly lower stress levels and increase sales, performance and productivity.

Workplace Positivity

Experience conditions people to believe that only top executives or managers can bring about positive change. Such an idea could make you feel negative and powerless, but it’s not true. “Normal people” can change others’ attitudes...

About the Author

Former national TV broadcaster Michelle Gielan founded the Institute for Applied Positive Research.

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