Capital Markets: How Artificial Intelligence Will Set the Price for Credit

Capital Markets: How Artificial Intelligence Will Set the Price for Credit

Euromoney, 2019

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In the not-so-distant old days, experienced bankers, traders and investors used a combination of skill, gut instinct and creativity to determine prices for loans and securities. But advanced technology is replacing all that finely honed intuition and ingenuity. Today, artificial intelligence drives the market and determines how much governments, organizations and people need to spend to raise capital and borrow money. This intriguing article will be of special interest to financial professionals and investors.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is putting an end to the old-school way of pricing securities issues. 

AI algorithms set the price for credit based on an analysis of information and patterns that would be difficult for ordinary people to detect or process. By doing so, AI may make capital markets work more smoothly.

Traditionally, predictions in the financial markets have relied on a wide array of public information, such as cash flows and profits. AI algorithms are able to analyze vast amounts of data that decipher relationships that would otherwise be impossible to...

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Peter Lee is the editorial director of Euromoney.

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