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101 Home Office Success Secrets book summary
Tip 103: Read this book to find out what happened to Tip 102.


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Often, books that offer "101 tips" or "201 strategies" end up being a hodge-podge of interesting, yet unconnected ideas. In most cases, you are lucky to find even a handful of ideas you can actually use. This is not one of those books. Author Lisa Kanarek does a fabulous job of organizing her ideas into useful categories. It reads as if the author and her editors decided that if the majority of home office workers could not use a secret, it would not make the book. The book’s only glaring problem is minor: two tips are identical (numbers 29 and 72: create a Web site). Fortunately, Kanarek followed her own advice (Tip #102 "Always give more than expected"), so readers expecting 101 secrets will not feel shortchanged. And secret 103 comes from getAbstract - this book is required reading for anyone working from home.

In this summary, you will learn

  • The top tips for running a home office;
  • How to treat your customers; and
  • How to organize your office, market your services and improve your work habits.


Customer Service
A home business puts you in charge. Include these tips in your management philosophy.

Tip #1: Do business with a personal touch - When you first started your business, you offered your first clients top-notch service. As your client base grows, keep your...
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About the Author

Lisa Kanarek is the author of Organizing Your Home Office for Success and Everything’s Organized. She is the founder of HomeOfficeLife, a firm that offers advice on all aspects of working from home.

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