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5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams  summary
Your aspirations needn’t be pipe dreams. But you mustn’t sabotage your chances of success.


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Entrepreneur Bel Pesce offers some offbeat advice for achieving your personal and professional dreams. Instead of churning out the usual platitudes (be yourself, work hard, yada yada), she presents an unconventional perspective by outlining the route to follow if you want your dreams to implode. getAbstract recommends Pesce’s quirky oration to idealists and neophyte entrepreneurs who need a reality check about how pursuing goals works in the real world.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why so many people never realize their dreams and
  • Which five tendencies to avoid when pursuing your goals.


Everybody has dreams, yet many fail to achieve their lifelong personal and professional ambitions because people are inclined to inadvertently sabotage their chances of success. Entrepreneur and author Bel Pesce spent two years studying this tendency and compiled a list of five actions that, if you ...
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About the Speaker

Bel Pesce studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has worked at Microsoft, Google and Deutschebank. She founded FazINOVA, a school to help Brazilian students pursue their dreams.

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    Charmaine Cabugao 2 years ago
    Gives a practical approach to achieving personal goals.
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    Singer Cynthia K 2 years ago
    This appears to approach success in a realistic manner that speaks to the actual world in which we work.

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