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8 Secrets of Success summary
What are the eight ingredients for success?


7 Overall

10 Applicability

4 Innovation

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“What leads to success?” When a goal-oriented high schooler first posed this question to analyst Richard St. John, he had no answers. However, soon after he arrived at a TED conference and realized it was the ideal place to seek them. Over the next seven years, he conducted 500 interviews of TED attendees. In this brief, pithy talk, he distills his findings to eight elements. getAbstract recommends this lecture to anyone interested in success, but especially to students and those just embarking on their careers.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What eight factors lead to success and
  • How to cultivate them.


Where better than a TED conference to research the elements of success? Marketer and analyst Richard St. John conducted a study to pinpoint the factors that contribute to success. His research spanned seven years and involved 500 interviews with TED attendees. His findings revealed eight distinct qualities...
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About the Speaker

Marketer and analyst Richard St. John spent years researching the secrets of success. He is the author of The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common: 8 to Be Great.

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