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All It Takes Is 10 Mindful Minutes summary
Meditation relieves stress, quiets anxiety and helps you dwell happily in the present moment.


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There’s an effective antidote to stress, and it doesn’t come in pill form. Meditation can have a positive effect on your entire life, promises mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe. The former Buddhist monk makes a convincing case for carving out just 10 minutes each day to quiet your mind and become wholly present. getAbstract recommends Puddicombe’s reflective talk to people seeking to reduce stress, regain focus, and become happier and healthier.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What meditation is and what it is not,
  • What benefits meditating for 10 minutes each day can bring, and
  • How to begin practicing meditation.


Can you remember the last time you spent 10 minutes doing nothing – not texting, reading, watching TV, worrying or planning, but simply doing nothing at all? Your mind is your body’s greatest...
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About the Speaker

Andy Puddicombe is a former Buddhist monk. He co-founded Headspace, a meditation project.

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    Kiran Pandit 5 months ago
    Clarity and detachment are the keys
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    Diana Baez 7 months ago
    It would have been helpful to expand on the "how" to meditate.
    • Avatar
      Patrick Dörr 6 months ago
      He has a great app named "Headspace" with a free 10 day Programm with instructions! Also helpful small animations on YouTube.

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