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Using Microsoft PowerPoint to Create Presentations That Inform, Motivate, and Inspire

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Beyond Bullet Points book summary
Create PowerPoint presentations that score, not bore, using this hands-on manual.


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Microsoft PowerPoint changed the world of presentations by simplifying the process of creating a computerized slide show. Alas, over time people started squeezing too much information into every slide and using the preinstalled generic titles. PowerPoint's simplicity let people forget the purpose of presentations: to persuade or to inform without being boring. Cliff Atkinson shows you a creative way to build a good presentation without falling into the PowerPoint template trap – tell a story instead. At present, he provides a free template, storyboard formatter and story guide at that adds value to the book, which refers to these resources repeatedly. getAbstract recommends this to anyone who gives presentations.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to create a great PowerPoint presentation without bullet points
  • How to clarify your message; and
  • How to give an engaging, persuasive presentation.


Why You Should Shoot Down those Bullet Points
PowerPoint is an easy tool to use for presentations with bullet points, but such presentations tend to become boring, wordy and vague. To see if your presentation falls into this trap, ask yourself: "Can I see the focus...
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About the Author

Cliff Atkinson, a consultant who helps organizations improve communications using PowerPoint, teaches at the UCLA Extension.

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    William Casey 5 years ago
    I make presentations for a living and have found this book quite helpful. The summary is a terrific refresher! Thanks!

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