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Using Emotions As You Negotiate

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Beyond Reason book summary
Use your head when you negotiate – but if you bring your heart to the table as well, you’ll negotiate even better.


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Far too many books treat negotiation as a rational process, as if the parties involved are calculating machines (or close to it). Authors Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro show that is not the case. They explain how emotions affect negotiating, and provide tools based on five core emotional concerns for dealing with powerful feelings at the negotiating table. This slender book is clearly written, and the authors illustrate each point in their theoretical framework with examples from their extensive experience. The result is an immediately applicable book that provides a host of practical tips. getAbstract recommends it to anyone who negotiates...and that means just about everyone.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What role emotions play in negotiation;
  • What framework to use to understand emotions; and
  • Which negotiating tools help you take advantage of participants’ emotions.


The Power of Emotions
“You negotiate every day” about everything from your work to your meals. Every time you do, some emotion is involved. You can’t ignore these emotions and you shouldn’t try. They won’t just evaporate. If you don’t deal with them, they’ll distract you and sabotage ...
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About the Authors

Roger Fisher is director of the Harvard Negotiation Project, co-author of Getting to YES, and an experienced negotiator. Daniel L. Shapiro, associate director of the Harvard Negotiation Project, is on the faculty at Harvard Law School.

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