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Broaden Your Horizons with New and Unfamiliar Experiences summary
If you are stuck in a career slump, embrace every opportunity – no matter how obscure – to find your true path.


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When Joshua Davis’s career got stuck in a rut, he sought out new experiences, trusting that he would stumble upon his life’s purpose. His journey wasn’t linear, but it was interesting and fun. Davis’s personal story of self-discovery dares anyone who feels mired in their lives or careers to take a leap into the unknown and embrace new opportunities. getAbstract believes anyone interested in changing careers, chasing dreams or taking risks can learn a great deal from the profound undercurrents of this witty, charming story, so take a deep breath, count to three and jump.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How taking risks can change your life,
  • How recent trends have compromised investigative journalism and
  • How Joshua Davis came up with a solution.


After graduating college with an economics degree, Joshua Davis’s life hit a rut. He found himself in a mind-numbing data entry job. Seeking adventure, he decided to attend the US national arm-wrestling championship. The event didn’t attract...
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About the Speaker

Joshua Davis co-founded Epic, an online investigative journalism magazine, and is a contributing editor to Wired.

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