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Cure the ‘Monday’ Disease summary
To overcome the distress of Mondays, discover your ikigai.


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Have you ever found yourself getting restless or feeling anxious on a Sunday afternoon? If so, you, like millions of others around the world, suffer from the “Monday disease” – that is, a loss of meaning and purpose in the workplace. To cure this affliction, entrepreneur Tirthankar Dash endorses a string of cognitive storytelling exercises that can help you identify your purpose. If you want to wake up after the weekend thinking “Thank God it’s Monday,” getAbstract recommends Dash’s breezy motivational tips to you.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the “Monday disease” affects the workforce,
  • How to alleviate its symptoms, and
  • How storytelling can add meaning and purpose to your life.


For the past two centuries, humanity has suffered from a chronic illness. Some three billion people are afflicted. It strikes its victims at about age 22 and plagues them for roughly 40 years. Alas, the malady has exacerbated over time. It is known as
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About the Speaker

Tirthankar Dash is the creator of StoryCompany, a search engine that helps individuals find meaning.

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