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Do I Make Myself Clear? book summary
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8 Overall

9 Applicability

8 Innovation

8 Style


Venerated editor, best-selling author and celebrated journalist Sir Harold Evans shares his thoughts about writing well and cultivating the ability to make yourself understood. Evans, now in his 80s, is the former editor of The Sunday Times and The Times of London, former head of Random House, and current editor at large for Reuters. His “10 shortcuts to making yourself clear” are an essential guide for any writer. Evans is intelligent and witty. But the answer to the title question – “Do I make myself clear?” – is sometimes no. Evans tends to salt his text with his pet peeves and political views. Nonetheless, his writing guide is an engaging read, and you will learn about the art of good writing. getAbstract recommends his advice to anyone putting thoughts and ideas on paper or screens. 

In this book, you will learn

  • What makes writing noteworthy,
  • How to follow 10 guidelines that will help you write more clearly and
  • How to avoid common writing mistakes.

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