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The Art of Commanding Respect Like a CEO

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Executive Presence book summary
Gain the power and influence of the people in the C-suite by radiating an “executive presence.”


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Why is the lion king of the jungle? The reasons, says business consultant and executive coach Harrison Monarth, are his “impressive mane” and “even more impressive roar.” Though other creatures may be smarter or even bigger, the lion has a special blend of true power and “an image and related behavior” that convey that power. In today’s business jungle, image matters, too. If you want to rise to the top of your firm, whether you are a lion or a lioness, you must craft and maintain an “executive presence” by combining superior communication skills with the ability to “read” people accurately and influence their perceptions. Explaining these techniques and more, Monarth’s ambitious work is dense with information and strives to cover a broad range of topics, some complex enough to warrant their own books. getAbstract recommends Monarth’s comprehensive advice to professionals who want to win the lion’s share of influence and power at their firms.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What “executive presence” is and why you need it to reach the highest echelons in your firm;
  • How to “read” people and manage their perceptions of you;
  • How to improve your communication and persuasion skills; and
  • How to build your brand.


Always Selling
In the business world, talent alone won’t guarantee your success. Indeed, “not only what you know but how you manage perception” determines how high you will rise. To gain influence in your firm, build and maintain an “executive presence,” a personal image that inspires ...
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About the Author

Harrison Monarth is co-author of The Confident Speaker and founder and president of the GuruMaker School of Professional Speaking, an international consulting firm.

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