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How to Gain Control of Your Free Time summary
Prioritizing what matters to you most takes the struggle out of time management.


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Time and productivity management expert Laura Vanderkam conducted a study to investigate how busy women spend their time. She concluded that successful people don’t try to find the time to do the things they want; they identify what they want and make it a priority. This simple twist helps fill your 168 hours a week doing what matters most to you. Time is a precious commodity. getAbstract recommends this guide to spending it well.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How busy people spend their time,
  • What it really means when you don’t have time for something and
  • What strategies can help you find time for what matters most in your life.


Popular time-saving tips include ideas such as recording your favorite TV shows so you can zip through the commercials or making only right-hand turns while running errands. Yet shaving...
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About the Speaker

Time management and productivity expert Laura Vanderkam is the author of I Know How She Does it.

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