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How to Get Better at the Things You Care About summary
Adopt a growth mind-set, practice with intention and allow for mistakes to improve your skills.


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Hitting a professional developmental wall isn’t unusual. Studies show that once people reach a certain level of expertise in their fields, they stop improving. According to learning consultant Eduardo Briceño, continual growth requires taking periodic breaks from the “performance zone” to enter the “learning zone” – that is, taking time out to practice, explore, adjust and refine your skills. getAbstract believes learning and development professionals and employees of all stripes who wish to hone their expertise will benefit from Briceño’s insightful talk.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why people’s skill levels tend to plateau,
  • How to encourage continual learning, and
  • What strategies make it safe to explore and experiment.


Despite your best efforts, you may not necessarily continue to improve doing the activities you most enjoy. In fact, you may find that your expertise plateaus. To sharpen your skills...
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About the Speaker

Learning consultant Eduardo Briceño co-founded Mindset Works, a company that promotes learning and growth.

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