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How to Speak Up for Yourself summary
Knowing when and how to speak up for yourself is difficult, but it’s an essential life skill.


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Have you ever lost sleep because you didn’t speak up or, conversely, because you didn’t keep your mouth shut? This is a common problem. Social psychiatrist Adam Galinsky offers several tools to help you harness subtle skills to tip the power scale in your favor. If you are the type to get tongue-tied at awkward moments and berate yourself later, getAbstract recommends this quick lesson about speaking up and negotiating effectively.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why speaking up for yourself can be difficult and risky,
  • How power dynamics affect your “range of acceptable behavior,” and
  • What strategies enable you to assert yourself when necessary.


Knowing when to speak up and when to hold your tongue is a nuanced skill. When is it OK to correct your boss, challenge a rude colleague or react to an insensitive comment? The “range of acceptable...
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About the Speaker

Social psychologist Adam Galinsky holds the chair of management at Columbia Business School.

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