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If You Don’t Understand People, You Don’t Understand Business summary
Abandon market research. Instead, follow the advice of ancient Greek philosopher Socrates: “Know thyself.”


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In this inspiring lecture, organizational consultant Simon Sinek ridicules companies that conduct market research to discern how to present themselves to the public, which he considers to be contrived and disingenuous. People and companies, he cautions, must act authentically to build genuine emotional connections. Sinek shares personal stories and provides one or two touching case histories as he paces the stage. If you feel you need to change to get ahead or to abandon your values to make a buck, getAbstract recommends this talk to help you stay true to yourself.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why people perform best in groups,
  • Why authentic behavior is the key personal and business well-being, and
  • How market research can actually damage your company’s authenticity.


Humans are pack animals who function best in communities – groups of people who share “common sets of values and beliefs.” Members of communities develop reciprocal trust. When you are among people you trust, you have the freedom to take...
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About the Speaker

Simon Sinek is an organizational consultant. He wrote Start with Why.

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