Summary of Know Yourself and Focus on Contribution

A Reflection on Drucker’s “Managing Oneself”

Khuyen Bui ,

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Know Yourself and Focus on Contribution  summary
“Fear of missing out” can hinder your ability to focus, connect and positively impact the world.


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In this award-winning essay, Tufts University student Khuyen Bui considers the difficulties involved in “managing oneself” in the digital age. Drawing upon the writings of Peter Drucker – one of the founding fathers of modern management theory – Bui offers practical analysis and personal examples of how following Drucker’s advice to pursue self-understanding and “focus on contribution” can empower people to act more purposefully and avoid “fear of missing out.” getAbstract recommends this essay for everyone interested in management innovation and personal self-development.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why “managing oneself” can be so difficult in the digital age,
  • How working on self-understanding can help increase productivity and focus, and
  • How a “focus on contribution” – in actions and relationships – can open up new opportunities for purposeful, positive contributions to the world.


The digital era is an age of easily available information, but with that abundance comes an increase in distraction, impatience and “fear of missing out” (FOMO). The steady stream of news stories and status updates on the Internet drives young people’s FOMO about endless opportunities available around...
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About the Author

Tufts University student Khuyen Bui was the winner of the 2015 global Peter Drucker Challenge.

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