Summary of Learning to Cope with Chronic Pain

(And Why I’m Establishing a Home Base)

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Learning to Cope with Chronic Pain summary
Chronic pain changed one woman’s life, and she hopes to help others by sharing what works for her.


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The theory of hedonic adaptation says that people eventually return to their baseline level of happiness no matter what good or bad things happen to them. Former lawyer and travel blogger Jodi Ettenberg shares how she adapted to life with chronic joint pain and fatigue after getting sick with dengue fever. Her initial resistance to meditation, gratitude and acceptance makes her story relatable. She has since learned it’s best for her health to settle in one place, accept her limits and change her attitude. getAbstract recommends her story to anyone who suffers chronic pain or who wants to understand its effects.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Which daily activities Jodi Ettenberg found helpful for living with chronic pain,
  • Which books she recommends for pain and stress relief, and
  • How she still manages to find enjoyment in her life.


Since contracting dengue fever in 2013, travel blogger Jodi Ettenberg has had chronic joint pain, the circulatory condition Raynaud’s disease and fatigue. She describes 10 changes she has made that help her manage her condition:
“Daily meditation” – Meditating...
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About the Author

Former lawyer Jodi Ettenberg began traveling internationally and writing her blog, Legal Nomads, since 2008.

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