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More Life, Please! book summary
You’re a rock star at work but feeling lost at home. Here’s how to become a prime performer in your family life.


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Many successful professionals feel they can’t duplicate the same level of achievement in their family lives. Performance expert Christian Marcolli explains that a fulfilling home life doesn’t magically happen. It requires the same kind of focus and commitment that you bring to your career. He shows you how to apply the “6P’s” of his “P6PROP” performance model – “Passion, Precision, Perception, Peace, Presence and Persistence” – to your family life and personal relationships. Each chapter provides an explanation of one of these factors, strategies for incorporating it into your home life, a case study and practical tips provided by his collaborator, executive coach and “talent accelerator” Tarina Wagschal. getAbstract recommends this empathetic, practical guide to ambitious, dedicated professionals seeking more success at home.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the “P6PROP” performance model entails,
  • How to use its “6P’s” to add “more” to your home life, and
  • How to contribute to and experience family life more fully.


A New Work-Life Model
Top executives often give so much to their careers that they shortchange their family and friends. Yet, they crave personal time and deep connections. The “P6PROP” program – “Personal Resource Optimizing Performance” – can help busy professionals become better partners...
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About the Authors

Christian Marcolli, psychologist and coach of Swiss Olympic ski champion Dominique Gisin, founded the performance consultancy Marcolli Executive Excellence and wrote Teach Me Patience – NOW! Talent manager and blogger Tarina Wagschal founded the coaching firm LifeWorks.

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    Luisa Chacon 1 year ago
    Great theme...balance is not easy but is up to you to live for working or work to provide a living.
  • Avatar
    Steven Marcinkiewicz 1 year ago
    Important stuff here about maintaining a true balance, not just spending time but also focused energy on life outside of work.

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