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A Common Sense Approach

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Overcoming Addiction book summary
Addicts aren’t crazed street people; they exist throughout society. They can change when they acknowledge their problem.


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Addictions to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling and sex destroy millions of lives every year. In clear language, counseling psychologist Michael Hardiman explains the physical and psychological components of addiction and details why some people are particularly vulnerable. He is not concerned with offering broad solutions to this monumental social problem. Instead, he wants to help individual addicts and their loved ones untangle themselves from the web of addiction. If you think you or someone close may be addicted to substances or behaviors, getAbstract strongly recommends this primer on the nature of addiction.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What causes addiction;
  • How to identify the telltale signs of addiction; and
  • How to recover from addiction.


The Slippery Slope
Science has not determined exactly why some individuals become addicted to a substance or activity and others do not. Nor is it clear why the intensity of an addiction differs from person to person. But without a doubt, dependence creates negative behaviors that harm...
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About the Author

Michael Hardiman is a counseling psychologist who practices in Ireland. He is the author of Healing Life’s Hurts.

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