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A Proven Plan for Starting Over After Job Loss

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Rebound book summary
You lost your job. Is the good life now over? Well, maybe getting pushed out the door is just the change you need.


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Losing your job is one of life’s greatest stressors. Unfortunately, with downsizing, mergers, outsourcing and recession-era cutbacks, an increasing number of employees face the possibility of job termination. If your company plans to release you, for whatever reason and however reluctantly, hard work and long hours probably won’t protect you. How can you prepare to deal with this sobering situation? In this insightful book, employee engagement expert Martha I. Finney provides a proactive plan for handling job termination. If you are in that boat, getAbstract recommends this life preserver. Finney explains how to survive a dunking, stay afloat and swim on to better things.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to prepare yourself for a possible job loss;
  • How to handle the emotional and fiscal impact of losing your job; and
  • How to find the right new job.


“The Inner Game of Getting Laid Off”
One minute, you are barreling down the highway, both hands on the wheel, not a care in the world. The next minute – crash! – you are in a ditch and pieces of your beautiful roadster are scattered over the road’s tarred surface. At least, that’s how...
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About the Author

Martha I. Finney spent much of her career as a business journalist. She is now a consultant who helps organizations improve their employee relationships.

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