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Most people use only 10% of the power of their brain. Your thinking ability resides in six kinds of intelligence: verbal, visual, logical, creative, physical and emotional. Each one has a different function but, even setting aside the promises of the breathless title and subtitle, this book offers growth in each area with a simple and healthy collection of mental exercises. Author Jean Marie Stine states that you can develop your full intellectual capabilities as well as tap into that unused 90%. And, you probably want to, given her observation that people with highly developed skills in these areas are more likely to succeed than people without them. Therefore, she recommends that you read, look attentively at the world, learn to think in an orderly manner, be aware of body language and use all your abilities. Every chapter contains an inspiring yarn or two, and some beneficial exercises. So, suggests, start reading and learn to think in a whole new way. Imagine what you could accomplish if you could harness 100% of your mental powers.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the six distinct kinds of intelligence operate;
  • Which professions demand each of the different kinds of intelligence; and
  • How to build and strengthen each area of your intelligence.

About the Author

Jean Marie Stine has written more than two dozen nonfiction books including Double Your Brain Power, It’s All In Your Head: Amazing Facts about the Human Mind, The Best Guide to Motivation and Writing Successful Self-Help/How-To Books. She conducts seminars on brain power, speed learning and business writing.



Intelligence - It’s Not What You Think
Most people think intelligence can be measured by an IQ test. Yet the IQ test only measures one or two of your different kinds of intelligence.

Logical intelligence is quite important on this test, as is verbal intelligence, because...

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